How do I add an Igemoe map to my web site?

Adding one of our maps to your site is easy. With the fully hosted service you simply insert a small piece of code into the web page you want the map to appear on.
We now also offer a publish out option for applications when only infrequent updating is required, in this case we supply a set of files for you to host on your own server.

Can the size of the maps be adjusted to fit into my existing site?

Yes, the map can be made in any size and shape to easily integrate into your web site.

What areas of the world do your maps cover?

We have extensive coverage of the entire world and can also source specialist maps if required.

Can I use my own map?


Can you design a map to match my web site?

Our maps can be completely customized, this includes the level of detail, colour of the map as well as the style of the icons, pop ups and routes.

Can Igemoe maps be used on interactive CD/DVD?

Yes, the maps can be published out for use on interactive CD/DVD and

Do I need to install any software on my computer?

No, the Igemoe system runs on our servers and is accessed through an online control panel, so all you need is computer with an internet connection.

Can I link to other parts of my web site from within the maps?

Yes, you can link to any page on your site or an external web page and can even control whether it opens in the current window or a new one.
What media types do Igemoe Interactive Maps support?

Igemoe Interactive Maps support a wide range of media types including streamed video, images, 360° panoramas, image side shows and Flash animations.

Can I put video into an Igemoe Interactive Map?

Yes, you can upload your own videos which will be automatically streamed.


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