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If you are looking for the best maps for zip code searches, route planners, local business searches or just a good research map take a look at the reviews below.

Multi Map
This UK based map web site which was launched in 1996 offers a range of free services notably street-level maps of the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US and a number of cities world-wide; road maps of the world; door-to-door travel directions; aerial photographs with map overlay; and local information. Multi map also provides a range of complementary services through its partners. These include hotel, holiday-cottage, and restaurant-booking services, and the ability to buy both historic and aerial photograph prints.

The consumer web site regularly receives more than 12 million unique users and delivers more than 190 million page views per month.

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AskCity is a new map based search service that allows you to find businesses, events, and movies for most cities in the U.S. Ask combines these features with a number of other helpful services, such as:

Driving and walking directions
Drawing tools so you can mark places on your map and add text notes
Editorial and user reviews of local businesses, concert halls, movie theaters and more
Options that allow you to save one location while you search for another one on the same map
"Save Map" option that allows you to save up to ten of your maps

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Google Maps
Google maps give you the power of the Google search engine linked with a detailed road map. You can search for a location by place name or post code and then search for a business such as a hotel to see a list of businesses matching the search with their location marked on the map. Google maps also offer driving directions and satellite imagery.

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Yahoo maps
Yahoo maps are an interactive map service with an extensive set of tools.

Features include
Location search by place name or zip code
High definition road map and satellite imagery
Driving directions (only available in the US and Canada at the time of writing)
Real time traffic infomation on incidents and traffic speed (only available the US and Canada at the time of writing)
Find on the map feature that allows you to search for businesses and mark their locations on the map
The ability to send a link by e-mail or to a mobile phone
Save map

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Google Earth
Unlike all the other online interactive maps featured so far Google Earth is a downloadable application. What you get is a virtual globe that you can spin and then zoom in to any point. It combines imagery and 3D data to show a 3D landscape as if you were flying over it. The software also taps into the Google search to show local points of interest and facts.

Features include:
Local search that lets you search for restaurants, hotels, and even driving directions.
Results show in your 3D earth view.
Easy to layer multiple searches, save results to folders, and share with others.
Layers show parks, schools, hospitals, airports, shopping, and more.
KML – data exchange format lets you share useful annotations and view thousands of data points created by Google Earth users.
Tilt and rotate the view to see 3D terrain and buildings.
Save and share your searches and favorites. Even add your own annotations.

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