Brittany Ferries
The Igemoe interactive map system was chosen by the European ferry operators Brittany Ferries to promote their golfing holidays in France and Spain. Working with their web team the initial brief was developed for a map of France and northern Spain that would fit an existing space in their new web site and match its look and branding. The user was to be able to drill down to regions to explore the different golf courses and hotels as well as viewing the distances between them.

From this initial brief our design team developed a set of layouts that are the basis of the map you see. Through further discussion the design was refined before we converted the layouts to customised map templates. It was then ready for the Brittany Ferries web team to add the content to the map using the easy to use Igemoe up-date controls. The result was an integrated, interactive golf map - please take a look for yourself.
KirKer This established holiday company have used Igemoe interactive maps across their site to feature their range of world wide destinations and show the sites people can visit. The colour pallet of the map was carefully selected to match the understated look of the site. The theme was continued in the design look of the custom pop-ups.
Yachting Partners International Yachting Partners International - one of the world's leading super yacht charter companies - picked Igemoe interactive maps to show their cruising locations around the world. It was important that the maps matched the understated and sophisticated look of their brochures, with this in mind our designers created a complete set of pop-ups, icon and routes. The result was a map that continued the look of the Yachting Partners International brand while giving them the ability to update port information at a moments notice.

Please take a look at the Mediterranean section to see the overall result.eurobond

Eurobond are the UK's number 1 manufacturer of non-combustible, recyclable composite panels. When they recently re-branded to reflect their position as a major player in the composite panel industry one of the key requirements was for a an interactive map to showcase and show the locations of their projects for use both on their website and in a sales CD. This requirement reflected the need to provide architects, project managers and the like, the people making buying decisions, with a ready means of identifying projects to visit during the decision making process. Other criteria which matched Igemoe's profile were the need for a bespoke map and for a content management system that could be easily updated and expanded.

Working with Abby Flemming, Eurobond's New Media and Marketing Communications Manager we produced a stylish, zoomable map in the Eurobond brand style. Each project was displayed in a pop-up box featuring images, product information and a brief description of the project. A link button to a more in depth case study provided full information at one stop for potential clients.


"I liked how friendly and helpful everyone was there and helped me to scope out the project to exact detail.

I was looking for a unique way to display case studies for my company and this really was the perfect solution. It provided my company with a crisp, interactive and easy to use solution to an ongoing problem."

Abby Flemming
Eurobond New Media Marketing Communications Manager

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